Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce Statement

Una Voce International represents Catholics devoted to the ancient Mass — the usus antiquor — all over the world. We welcome this initiative of lay Catholics and non-Catholics concerned about the suppression of a form of worship which brings solace to people with all sorts of social, cultural, and educational backgrounds.
We would like to express our solidarity above all with people marginalised by modern society: people of traditional cultures, minority languages, migrants, children, young people, and the simple faithful, who are often sidelined by modern media and may less able to present their views to their superiors within the Church, who feel ignored and even betrayed
by attacks on a liturgy which they often found, as Pope Benedict expressed it, ‘specially suited to them’.

Signed by the President and Offices of Una Voce International:
Joseph Shaw, President, and Chairman of the Latin Mass Society (England and Wales)
Monika Rheinschmitt, Treasurer, and President of Pro Missa Tridentina (Germany)
Christopher Cordeiro, Secretary
Felipe Alanis Suarez, Vice President

Signed by the leaders of member associations:
David Reid, President, Una Voce Canada
Fraser Pearce, President, Una Voce Scotland
Edgardo J. Cruz Ramos, President, Una Voce Costa Rica
Juan Manuel Rodriguez Gonzalez-Cordero, President, Una Voce Hispania
Edgar Fernandez Cerda, President, Una Voce México
Antonio Marcos Pecoraro Subirana, President, Una Voce Bolivia
Ana Rosa Ríos Revoredo, Una Voce Perú
Stanislaw Strutynski, Chairman, Una Voce Russia
Patrick Banken, Una Voce France

Uchenna Okezie, President, Una Voce Nigeria
Peter Čambál, President, Una Voce Slovakia
Mr Michael Yang Kai, President, FIUV China
Augustin Shinsuke Yoshikawa, President, Una Voce Japan
Aubyne Fernandes, President, All India Laity Congresss
Peter Sinclair, Chairman, Latin Mass Society New Zealand