June 7

Suffering Faithful Video Series

Regina caeli, laetare, alleluia!

I am excited to announce the launch of our newest initiative at Preserve The Latin Mass: The Suffering Faithful video series. 

We will be releasing a series of videos which will shine a light on
all of the suffering being caused by bishops who implement Traditionis Custodes in their diocese. I hope that, in being confronted with the suffering of the faithful:

  • Bishops who have canceled/restricted the Latin Mass and accompanying sacraments will
    reverse their decisions and restore these beloved rites in their diocese
  • Bishops who have not yet implemented TC will choose to continue to be good
    shepherds to the Latin Mass flocks in their dioceses.

I need your help to in order to make this initiative a success. We need the faithful who are suffering under TC to send us video testimonials. The video testimonials will be professionally
edited and prepared for distribution by our video production team. The Suffering Faithful video testimonial submissions should include the following:

  • Please provide up to 5 minutes of clear video and audio testimonial.
  • Share how you discovered the Latin Mass and how the Latin Mass has affected your life.
  • Briefly explain the circumstances around the implementation of Traditionis Custodes in
  • your diocese. Please name your bishop.
  • Share how the cancelation/restriction of the Latin Mass and accompanying sacraments
  • has caused you, your family, and your community to experience suffering.
  • Please consider making a heartfelt appeal to your bishop and Pope Francis for the
  • complete restoration of the Latin Mass and accompanying Sacraments in your diocese.

Please click the link here and follow the instructions to record and submit your video testimony.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Marc Rome
Preserve The Latin Mass


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